HIGH CAMP LODGE is an operating tourism company which specialize in climbing and trekking, and was created in 2001 by Sonia and Rodolfo, a couple of young Bolivian guides.

Since the beginning, HIGH CAMP LODGE has been mainly concerned by customer service. No surprise if we are renowned for the quality of our tours, and the friendship of our team, respecting the saying ''In Bolivia, a tourist is considered as a friend''.

We always think in offering the best equipments, security, guides and services to our customers, at affordable price. That's why HIGH CAMP LODGE is also renowned for offering the best value for money in climbing and trekking.

Furthermore, our staff never forgets that you are on holiday, and we organize safe, pleasant and fun expeditions. 



  1. Roje was a professional and and relaxed guide; the equipment was in good shape and could be checked before the trip; great experience, thanks Mountain Jungle!
    Hubert Eichner


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